Obtaining a Passport for your Child

The Government of Canada website contains information about the documents that a parent is required to submit when applying for their child’s passport.

Generally, when parents are separated or divorced, they will both need to participate in the passport application process and sign the application form. It may be possible to obtain a Court order dispensing with the need for one of the parents to sign the passport application in appropriate circumstances. If applying for a child’s passport is likely to be difficult for you as a result of a separation or divorce and you have plans to travel, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer well in advance of your travel date to avoid delays.

Please note that when applying for your child’s passport, you will be required to provide a copy of all agreements and orders that refer to a child’s custody, access, and mobility, including copies of orders that are no longer in effect because they have been changed or terminated. It is therefore important to maintain copies off all written agreements or court orders pertaining to your child. If you no longer have a copy of an order that you require for a passport application, it is possible to request a copy from the Court.  These requests cannot be processed immediately if the Court’s file is being stored off-site so it is advisable to make any necessary requests well in advance of submitting the passport application.

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