Checklist for Filing Desk Divorce Packages

In Alberta, applications for divorce must be submitted to the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta (rather than the Provincial Court of Alberta). The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta has put together a checklist for desk divorce packages to ensure all requirements for filing are met.  

There are two types of divorce packages on the checklist:

  1. Divorce Package – where one party submits the divorce forms.
  2. Joint Divorce Package – where the parties submit the application for divorce together.

*There are forms for divorces with children and without children for each divorce package.

The checklist indicates which forms are required for each package. It has a section to indicate if any forms have previously been filed with the Court. The checklist provides a reminder to include a Parenting Plan if there are children. It also notes that a Divorce Judgment needs to be submitted.

The checklist MUST be included for the Court to process a desk divorce application. The checklist is a Word document that can be found here. Looking for more help on completing a divorce package? Further instructions on each package can be found on the court website here. At Latitude Family Law, we are happy to assist with completing and submitting desk divorce packages

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