A “Good Divorce”? Think: Collaborative Family Law

Are you interested in preserving your important relationships through a separation or divorce in a cost-effective, less-stress manner? If you are facing divorce or separation and you are worried about how court proceedings might affect your children, your finances, or your privacy, the Collaborative Family Law process might be right for you.

In Collaborative Family Law, everyone agrees to work together to come up with the best solutions for the family, using out of court, interest-based negotiation. Once you’ve come up with an agreement that is right for everyone, the lawyers will help you put it into a formal written agreement and assist you with any court documents required for the divorce or separation. Collaborative Family Law also makes use of other Collaboratively trained professionals when needed, such as mental health professionals, divorce coaches, and financial specialists to support the family through the process. It works because it’s different for every family: you guide the process.

Heather Malaryk and Sarah Dargatz are accepting new Collaborative Family Law clients. If you think Collaborative Family Law might be right for you, please contact us at (780)784-0628 to book a consultation.

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