Family Law And Your Privacy: Family Practice Note 10

Individuals accessing the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench to resolve family law disputes are often required to provide sensitive financial and personal information to the Court. The Court keeps a file which, until recently, was typically accessible to the public. Out of concern for the privacy of family law litigants, Practice Note 10 was developed to set a procedure for accessing a family law file in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. Anyone may access a procedure card and scheduling information, but only certain individuals may access the Court’s file: a party to the action; a lawyer of record; a lawyer for the child(ren) of a party; a government employee acting in the course of employment in respect of the file; a person authorized to access the file by a party/lawyer of record/lawyer for the child(ren) by means of a filed “Authority to Access Family Law File”; and members of the media accredited by the Court. A process is in place for other individuals to request access to the Court’s file.

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