Rising Covid-19 Case Numbers Lead to Changes in Provincial Court Operations

The Provincial Court of Alberta has announced updated measures in response to rising Covid-19 cases in this Province.

The Court Measures Update, effective April 26, 2020, can be found here.

In Edmonton, from April 26, 2021 to May 28, 2021 all family docket appearances, judicial dispute resolutions (JDRs) and pre-trial conferences (PTCs) will proceed remotely. All non-urgent interim hearings and trials will be adjourned. Urgent interim hearings and trials will proceed in person in accordance to a criteria of urgency: (1) risk of immediate harm to parties or children; (2) imminent risk of removal of a child from Alberta; (3) for support orders, there is demonstrable severe financial hardship; (4) for mobility applications, there is demonstrable risk to the child or a demonstrate risk of severe financial hardship to one of the parties; or (5) the hearing has previously been adjourned due to reasons pertaining to Covid-19. All child protection apprehension applications, docket appearances, case conferences, JDRs and PTCs will proceed remotely. All children’s services initial custody applications will proceed in person. All child protection trial continuations will proceed as scheduled. Anyone with legal matters before the Provincial Court in Alberta should review this notice for additional information and continue to monitor the Provincial Court’s website for further updates.

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