The Family Section of the Manitoba Bar Association, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, recently facilitated a webinar for its members on Covid-19 and the practice of family law. Lawyer Nunziata Ardita prepared a list of COVID-19 Preparedness Parenting Plan Considerations with some great suggestions for separated co-parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you to the Canadian Bar Association Manitoba Branch Family Section and to Nunziata Ardita for preparing this material and for allowing us to share this resource.

In brief summary, parents should talk to each other about how the pandemic may affect their family.  Topics might include:

  • What special precautions should be taken for people in your household who have an increased risk?
  • What child care is available to you as a result of daycares and schools closing down?
  • What information do you expect parents will share with each other?
  • Do any temporary changes need to be made to the regular parenting plan?
  • What will you do if one parent is ill, or your child is ill, with COVID-19?
  • How will you talk to your child about the pandemic?

Co-parenting during a pandemic should be no different than co-parenting without a pandemic: decisions should be made in your child’s best interests.  This usually means doing what you can to work together, solve problems, and be generous with each other.

If a conflict does arise, consider looking for help from a trusted third party or mediator who you can meet with over the phone or video conference.  The lawyers at Latitude Family Law are all mediators and are ready to help.

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