The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has posted answers to some frequently asked questions about court operations.

Regarding family law matters, the court has provided guidance about: when a matter is considered an emergency or urgent; how to request an urgent matter be heard; whether Masters of the Court of Queen’s Bench are hearing emergency or urgent matters; whether to appear for a previously scheduled hearing in April; whether to file materials for a domestic special if the filing deadlines are in April; whether to expect that hearings scheduled in May will be proceeding; how to cancel a scheduled emergency hearing; whether an application can be submitted by desk application; how to get a Consent Order reviewed and signed by a Justice or Master; whether Case Management Justices should be contacted directly for assistance; considerations for filing a Statement of Claim in the face of a limitation period; when family matters adjourned due to Covid-19 can be rescheduled; and whether telephone or videoconferencing options are available.

Further information on the definition of emergency and urgent matters has also been posted.

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