Latitude Family Law LLP provides limited scope legal services.

A limited scope retainer allows a lawyer to assist you with some, but not all, elements of a legal matter. The retainer sets out the specific tasks that the lawyer will be responsible for and the specific tasks that will be your responsibility. This type of retainer provides an option for individuals to access legal advice and services for less cost than a traditional full scope retainer.

There are multiple ways that this type of retainer can work, depending on your needs and skills. Here are some examples of how a limited scope retainer could work for you:

Scenario 1: You want to apply for a Parenting Order

  • The lawyer discusses your legal matter with you and provides you with legal advice.
  • The lawyer explains what court documents you will need file and a summary of information you will need to include in your documents.
  • You complete the court documents and provide them to the lawyer to review.
  • The lawyer reviews the court documents and provides feedback.
  • You complete a final draft of the court documents and file them with the court.
  • You attend court to argue the application or the lawyer attends court on your behalf.

Scenario 2: You plan to represent yourself at a trial regarding child and spousal support

  • The lawyer meets with you to provide advice as to how the law applies to your specific situation and what financial information you will need for the trial.
  • You collect your financial information and provide it to the lawyer to review.
  • The lawyer reviews your financial information and provides you with child and spousal support calculations.
  • The lawyer helps you decide if you should call any additional witnesses to give evidence at the trial.
  • The lawyer gives you an outline of what you need to prove at your trial.
  • You attend the trial without the lawyer present.

You can find more information about limited scope legal services at The Alberta Limited Legal Services Project. 

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